Wobini Mapps for UNK

Wobini MApps is a fully customizable geo-location and mapping solution to assist visitors and customers access the resources and locations of your business or organization. Mobile technology is allowing customers and visitors to interact with your business and organization in ways that were not possible before. Wobini MApps provides an interactive mapping solution that can be tailored to your business or organization's specific branding and content needs. From simple mapping to guided tours, Wobini MApps is a powerful and cost effective marketing and out-reach solution, that can be tailored to your current and future needs.

Originally designed for University and College campuses, Wobini Mapps is the perfect solution for Chambers of Commerce, Building and Commercial Associations, Realtors, Newspapers, and any other businesses or organizations with a large campus or resources that cover a geographic area.
For more information on how Wobini MApps can help your business or organization, contact us at info@smbtc.us today.